10 Burna Boy Songs We Will Never Forget

Burna Boy
Burna Boy (Photo by Elliot Hensford)

Burna Boy, a Nigerian singer and songwriter, burst onto the music scene in 2010. He continues to create unique music that pushes boundaries and maintains his signature sound. His chart-topping hits have reshaped the international perception of Afrobeat music, and his meaningful lyrics have established his legacy in music history.

Join us as we take a deep dive into the world of Burna Boy and relive ten of his most mesmerizing and unforgettable performances that left the world spellbound. From his chart-topping hits to his electrifying stage presence, we’ll explore every moment that made Burna Boy a true icon of the music industry.

1. Rock Your Body

Burna Boy’s “Rock Your Body” is a lively and energetic song released in 2017. The song blends Afrobeat and dancehall elements to create a fast-paced beat that will get listeners moving. Burna Boy’s playful and flirtatious lyrics express his desire to dance with his lover and the joy they share. His confident and charismatic vocals reflect the upbeat nature of the song. The music video features Burna Boy and a group of dancers, adding to the overall excitement of the track. “Rock Your Body” is a fun and catchy song that showcases Burna Boy’s versatility as an artist.

2. Like to Party

Did you know that “Like to Party” is considered one of the biggest summer anthems to come out of Nigeria? It’s true! This Leriq-produced track was a laid-back earworm that helped Burna Boy become a national superstar. The song combines the vibrant feeling of a pool party with lyrics about a tumultuous relationship, and Burna Boy masterfully inserted emotions into what should’ve been mindless feel-good music. On “Like to Party”, Burna Boy reminds us of the importance of having a good time, even when things aren’t going so well in our relationships.

3. Ye

“Ye” is a powerful and anthemic song by Burna Boy that blends Afrobeat and reggae. It’s a global hit and an anthem for African pride. The lyrics are celebratory and empowering, reflecting Burna Boy’s pride in his Nigerian heritage. The music video adds to the overall mood of the track.

4. On the Low

“On the Low” is a soulful and romantic song by Burna Boy that demonstrates his ability to create music that is both emotive and musically satisfying. It was released in 2018 and features a mellow and melodic beat that blends elements of R&B and Afrobeat, creating a smooth and inviting atmosphere. The lyrics are heartfelt and sincere, as Burna Boy sings about his desire to keep his relationship with his lover a secret and the challenges that come with trying to hide their love. His vocals are tender and vulnerable, reflecting the emotional depth of the lyrics. The music video, which features Burna Boy in a romantic and intimate setting, adds to the overall mood of the song. “On the Low” is a standout track in Burna Boy’s discography, showcasing his ability to create music that is both emotionally engaging and musically satisfying and his willingness to explore themes of love and relationships through his music.

5. Killin Dem (ft. Zlatan)

“Killin Dem” is an infectious and upbeat song by Burna Boy featuring Zlatan that showcases their dynamic collaboration. It was released in 2018 and features a fast-paced beat that blends elements of Afrobeat and Zanku dance, creating a lively and energetic atmosphere. The lyrics are catchy and memorable, as Burna Boy and Zlatan sing about their prowess on the dance floor and their ability to bring the heat wherever they go. Their vocals are confident and playful, reflecting the upbeat nature of the song. The music video, which features Burna Boy and Zlatan in a colourful and vibrant setting, adds to the overall mood of the track. “Killin Dem” is a standout track in Burna Boy’s discography, showcasing his ability to create music that is both fun and catchy, and his willingness to collaborate with other artists to create dynamic and exciting music.

6. Run My Race

Back in 2013, Burna Boy was on a mission to make a name for himself in the music industry. He had already tasted success with his hit songs “Like to Party” and “Tonight”. Then he released “Run My Race”, a song that had a lot of dancehall vibes and reminded people of his earlier mixtape “Burn Notice”. This song laid the foundation for his future tracks like “Wetin Dey Sup,” “Anybody,” and “Kilometre.” “Run My Race” was the first glimpse of the future African Giant, with Burna Boy expressing his confidence in his future and bragging about his winning streak at the time. In the song, he invited his fans, friends, and even haters to join him on his journey to success.

7. Last Last

Burna Boy’s Love, Damini album has some amazing songs, and “Last Last” is one of the biggest hits of 2022. The song is about a failed relationship and the pain that comes with it. Burna Boy’s vulnerability in the song is refreshing, and the use of a sample from Toni Braxton’s 2000 hit “He Wasn’t Man Enough” adds to the nostalgia factor.

8. Anybody

“Anybody” is a song that encourages people to let loose and enjoy themselves. Burna Boy’s uplifting lyrics and catchy rhythm make it a hit that reaffirms his status as a prominent figure in the world of Afrobeats.

9. Tonight

“Tonight” is a love song that captures the essence of desire and passion. Burna Boy’s soft and tender vocals convey a sense of vulnerability and intimacy that draws listeners in. The music video adds to the overall mood of the song, making it a standout track in Burna Boy’s discography.

10. For My Hand feat. Ed Sheeran

Burna Boy and Ed Sheeran’s collaboration on “For My Hand” is a mellow track that showcases each artist’s romantic side. The song is a beautiful crossover between Afropop and pop music, and the lyrics about love are relatable to anyone who has ever been in love.

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