Nigerian Celebrities And Their Look-alikes

Nigerian Celebrities And Their Look-alikes

Physical features and appearances are something so many people share in the world, knowingly or unknowingly, and these celebrities aren’t left out.

Having someone with an exact physical match can be a strange experience, unbearable for some people, while some people love the idea of looking like someone else.

If you believe or feel enticed that everyone has a lookalike then you are going to have to check our pairs of listed Nigerian celebrities who bear a striking resemblance to each other, whether you are a fan or not, you can’t deny their resemblance isn’t impressive.

1. 2Baba and Joe El

2Baba and Joe El Lookalike
2Baba and Joe El

Undoubtedly their similarity goes further than mere looks, it deepens to the realm of their sounds. Joe El possesses similar vocal qualities with 2Baba apart from their facial resemblance. Joe El was signed to Kennis Music, the same label that played a focal role in 2Baba’s breakout post-Plantashun Boiz.

The coincidence has sparked a lot of attention and playful speculations about their familiarity. Some even say they are twins from heaven, lol.

2. Davido and Majet

Davido and Majet
Davido And Majet Michelle

Ghanaian citizen, Majet Michelle created fizz on the internet following her perfect resemblance to that of Nigerian superstar, Davido. Funny enough, some netizens identify her as ‘Female Davido’ whilst others also asked the music star to go get a DNA test to be certain she isn’t his lost sister.

3. Simi and Hailey Bailey

Simi and Hailey Bailey
Simi and Hailey Bailey

Nigerian songbird, Simi and Black American singer and Actress Hailey Bailey have been noted by fans for their striking resemblance.

They share a striking resemblance in their facial structure and forehead. These similarities have made a noticeable parallel among their admirers.

4. Peter Okoye (Mr. P) and Usher

Usher and Peter Okoye Mr P
Peter Okoye and Usher

Right from the release of P Square’s hit single ‘Senorita’ in 2003, the resemblance of Peter and American, singer-songwriter, and dancer, Usher became public awareness.

Peter Okoye and Usher’s nexus goes further not just by resemblance alone, but they also possess great dancing skills and talent, as they almost dance alike too, this also entices their fans more.

Years ago, the Nigerian legendary singer, Peter Okoye aka Mr P, came out to disclose that he had found his look-alike in the American veteran singer, he went further by sharing pictures in which he collaged himself and the American act to prove his words.

5. Funke Akindele and Taraji P Henson

Funke Akindele and Taraji P Henson
Funke Akindele and Taraji P Henson

Talented, successful and funny as hell, there’s no denying the fact that Funke Akindele and Taraji P. Henson have a lot in common. But have you noticed that they also look alike? The striking resemblance is lowkey unsettling.

Taraji is the actress from Think Like A Man and Empire. The striking resemblance between both actresses made fans on Instagram point out that Funke Akindele can even be mistaken for Taraji anytime, any day.

6. Rema and Diakite

Rema and Diakite
Rema and Diakite

Ivorian lady, Diakite garnered social media attention following her remarkable and perfect resemblance to that of Nigeiran pop superstar, Rema.

In a musical performance held in Ivory Coast in the year 2019, Rema made successful efforts to meet with Diakite which led to a good interaction that captured the minds of their followers.

7. Shallipopi and Kodak Black

Shallipopi and Kodak Black Resemblance
Shallipopi and Kodak Black

Consistently, fans have been talking about the eerie facial similarity between Nigerian singer and rapper, Shallipopi and popular American rapper, Kodak Black.

Probably, it could be the hairstyle or facials, but these two have got something so similar facially that has drawn a lot of attention from their fans, and their resemblance still has the media buzzing.

8. M.I and Kendrick Lamar

M.I and Kendrick Lamar Resemblance
M.I and Kendrick Lamar

Apart from being G.O.A.T.S in their respective industries M.I and Kendrick Lamar share a striking resemblance which has also been a topic of discussion among their fans.

As we know, M.I stormed the Nigerian music industry as a rapper and changed the rap game following multiple achieved awards, while Lamar is a Tupac-inspired rapper whose flows and perfection have equally won him multiple awards.

9. Sam Dede and Ving Rhames

Sam Dede and Ving Rhames Resemblance
Sam Dede and Ving Rhames

Nollywood veteran and legendary actor, also a lecturer, Sam Dede shares a perfect striking facial recognition with American actor, Ving Rhames which has equally caused a stir on the net.

If their post and body build-up don’t convince you enough, then you should look out for these obvious things; Their noses, moustaches, and the smirk on their faces.

10. Ayra Star and Tems

Ayra Star and Tems resemblance
Ayra Star and Tems

Ever since Ayra Starr’s musical breakthrough in 2021 fans have been comparing their looks, which is obviously similar. Some persons even went far by saying they could be siblings, Tems being the eldest, while Ayra Starr is the younger one.

Their facial recognition is also the talk of the town.

11. Wole Soyinka and Morgan Freeman

Wole Soyinka and Morgan Freeman's resemblance
Wole Soyinka and Morgan Freeman

Wole Soyinka who is at 89 years, and Morgan Freeman at 86 years are both popular iconic stars.

Wole Soyinka is a Nigerian playwright, novelist, poet, and essayist in the English language. While Morgan Freeman is an American actor, producer, and narrator.

Despite the three-year gap, looking at these two, one could think or believe they are brothers. Both of them share an amazing resemblance from the hair down to their facials.

12. Ruger and Kenyan Ruger

Ruger and Kenyan Ruger resemblance
Ruger and Kenyan Ruger

A Kenyan personality who has a perfect facial resemblance with Nigerian singer Ruger has equally set the media ablaze. Also,  he was said to have been selling out tickets and organizing shows in East Africa majorly in Kenya. Devotees and other attendees have been attending trying to confirm if it’s the actual Ruger.

Although, on the other hand, Ruger seemed unbothered about the impersonation as he has not made any statements yet regards this Kenyan sensation.

13. Di’ja and Nneka

Di'ja and Nneka resemblance
Di’ja and Nneka

These admirable songstresses are not related by blood, visualising this picture you might think they are one, or related. Both songbirds are talented singers and songwriters whose stunning resemblance has got the media buzzing.

14. Genevieve Nnaji and Ivie Okujaye

Genevieve Nnaji and Ivie Okujaye
Genevieve Nnaji and Ivie Okujaye

Fans have kept deliberating if these two are siblings or if they are doppelgangers.

Genevieve Nnaji is one of Nigeria’s most successful and iconic Nollywood actresses bagging multiple awards. Ivie Okujaye is an actress and producer who won the Amstel Malta Box Office reality show in 2009.

Both women have a pure talent when it comes to acting and have enticed a lot of audiences with their performances.

15. Oge Okoye and Future

Oge Okoye and Future
Oge Okoye and Future

Nollywood legendary actress, Oge Okoye shares a weird facial resemblance with American rapper, singer and songwriter, Future. Once you see it, you’ve seen it; In their case, you can’t just point out their facial recognition exactly, but, it is what it is.

16. Tems and Ola

Tems and Ola
Tems and Ola

Another Nigerian lady who shares a stunning resemblance with Nigerian songbird, Tems has disturbed the media. After so much debate and proper verification, fans confirmed they weren’t related by blood. The resemblance has made netizens give them a funny name, ‘Tems and conditions.’

17. Emeka Ike and Derek Luke

Emeka Ike and Derek Luke's resemblance
Emeka Ike and Derek Luke

If at any time Nollywood needs to cast an identical twin for Emeka Ike in a movie shoot, then Derek Luke would be the perfect man for the role as they share a gracious facial similarity.

18. Femi Kuti and Kalu Ikeagu

Femi Kuti and Kalu Ikeagu's resemblance
Femi Kuti and Kalu Ikeagu

Looking like peas in a pod, don’t feel disappointed they aren’t siblings. Femi Kuti the son of legendary Afrobeats singer, Fela Kuti has continued the legacy of his father as he is a globally renowned musician with multiple awards. On the other hand, Kalu Ikeagu is a successful Nollywood actor known for his good looks and performances.

However, despite their different career, both acts share a stunning resemblance.

19. Sambasa Nzeribe and Chadwick Boseman

Sambasa Nzeribe and Chadwick Boseman
Sambasa Nzeribe and Chadwick Boseman

Chadwick Boseman, may his soul rest in perfect peace. Hollywood and Marvel may need to give our Nigerian brother and actor, Sambasa Nzeribe a cool cheque for another Wakanda personality.

20. BONUS: President Tinubu and Shatta Wale

President Tinubu and Shatta Wale
President Tinubu and Shatta Wale

Nigerian netizens kept on disturbing the media claiming that Ghanaian dance-hall singer and rapper, Shatta Wale shares a core resemblance with Nigerian President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

This made Shatta Wale make a post on his Instagram handle, jokingly saying “Your excellency, everyone says I look like you, so please come and take your son from Ghana, ok lol.”

This advanced the touch of humour to the comparison made by fans.

See the message from Shatta Wale, last year.

Shatta Wale’s Message to Tinubu

Hope you find our list interesting. Stay tuned for more interesting posts!

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