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Top 10 DJs in South Africa

Top 10 DJs in South African
Top 10 DJs in South African

South Africa’s rich cultural heritage and diverse musical traditions have given rise to a wave of talented DJs who are making waves both locally and internationally.

In this article, we’ll explore the world of South African DJs and reveal the top 10 individuals who are revolutionizing the music scene. From house music and amapiano to hip-hop, these DJs have managed to captivate audiences with their unique blend of beats and electrifying performances, contributing significantly to the country’s musical identity.

1. Black Coffee

Nkosinathi Innocent Maphumulo, widely known as Black Coffee, is a global sensation hailing from South Africa. His deep and soulful house music has captivated audiences worldwide, earning him accolades and collaborations with some of the biggest names in the industry.

With a remarkable ability to infuse his music with emotion and meaning, he has released numerous chart-topping tracks and has performed at some of the biggest music festivals around the world. Black Coffee is undoubtedly one of South Africa’s most iconic DJs.

2. DJ Maphorisa

Born in 1987 as Themba Sonnyboy Sekowe, DJ Maphorisa is a well-known South African DJ, producer, and songwriter. He gained recognition as part of Uhuru before embarking on a solo career known for creative production in Afro-house, Amapiano, and Gqom. Maphorisa played a crucial role in popularizing Amapiano. He’s renowned for establishing the BlaqBoy Music label, fostering emerging talents. Maphorisa’s music not only pushed South African music boundaries but also left a significant global impact, solidifying his position as a prominent South African DJ and music influencer.

3. Kabza De Small

Kabza De Small is a standout DJ and producer in South Africa’s music scene. He’s renowned for shaping the Amapiano genre with his unique style that combines intricate beats, mesmerizing melodies, and a strong sense of rhythm. His creative production methods have gained him widespread recognition, allowing him to make a significant impact on both local and global music.

5. Uncle Waffles

Lungelihle Zwane, popularly known as Uncle Waffles, is one of South Africa’s most in-demand DJs whose meteoric rise is an exception to the rule. Born and raised in Swaziland, her experimental approach to music has earned her a reputation as one of the most innovative DJs in South Africa.

Uncle Waffles’s unique sound combines elements of techno, jazz, and traditional African rhythms, creating a sonic experience like no other. She specializes in Amapiano — South Africa’s unique interrogation of Jazz, lounge, and deep house music. She kick-started her career as a DJ in 2020 during the Covid-19 lockdown but became a sensation after her video went viral in 2021.

5. DJ Zinhle

Ntombezinhle Jiyane, professionally known as DJ Zinhle, is a trailblazing DJ and businesswoman. Her infectious energy and distinct blend of house and hip-hop have earned her a dedicated fan base. Beyond her DJing prowess, DJ Zinhle has become an inspiration for young women pursuing careers in the music industry.

6. Heavy-K

Born Mkhululi Siqula in the heartland of the Eastern Cape, this South African DJ shines as a true luminary. A visionary force behind the iconic DJ and producer collective ‘Point 5’, Heavy-K carves his own path as a composer and co-founder. His creative genius has gifted Point 5 with an array of chart-topping tunes, including the celebrated track ‘Lento’ by Professor and Speedy, which clinched the coveted SAMA award.

7. DJ Tira

Mthokozisi Khathi, or DJ Tira, is a driving force in the Gqom music genre, which originated in Durban, South Africa. His energetic and infectious beats have made him a party favourite, and he’s played a significant role in spreading the Gqom sound globally.

8. DJ Kent

With his soulful and melodic mixes, DJ Kent (Khensani Mabaso) has established himself as a prominent figure in the South African music scene. His ability to create emotional connections through his music has made him a favorite among audiences seeking both groove and sentiment.

9. Shimza

Ashley Raphala, better known as Shimza, is renowned for his high-energy performances that effortlessly blend house, techno, and afrobeat elements. As a producer, he’s been instrumental in shaping the evolution of South African electronic music.

10. DJ Fresh

DJ Fresh (Thato Sikwane) is a radio DJ, producer, and music aficionado who has played a pivotal role in South Africa’s music scene for decades. His infectious enthusiasm and wide-ranging musical taste have earned him a dedicated following both on the airwaves and at live events.

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