CKay Teams Up With Olamide for the Release of Single “Wahala”

CKay Wahala
CKay Teams Up With Olamide for the Release of Single “Wahala”

Nigerian singer and songwriter, CKay has released a new single titled “Wahala” featuring Olamide. The song is expected to be a big hit and a great addition to CKay’s impressive music collection.

“Wahala” shows off CKay’s signature sound, with a captivating Spanish-influenced guitar melody by Moonesawmy Devadasen. The song is a collaboration with Olamide, who adds his brilliant storytelling to the track. The result is an energetic and fresh sound that is sure to resonate with listeners.

CKay explained that “Wahala” is about “problematic sexiness,” making the song dynamic and captivating. He also expressed his excitement about working with Olamide, saying that they complemented each other well on the record.

In addition to the song, there will be an official music video and other visual content featuring the talented contributors. Fans can expect a visual experience that matches the song’s captivating narrative and infectious melodies.

CKay’s 2024 started with the release of the 2-pack “IS IT YOU? / MYSTERIOUS LOVE” on January 26. The tracks were co-produced by CKay and Reward Beatz and have already received significant attention, with “MYSTERIOUS LOVE” amassing 4 million streams and “IS IT YOU?” boasting 2.9 million streams. Both songs have seen success on Nigerian radio, peaking at #6 and #37, respectively.

Wahala is Out Now Stream/listen here:

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